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I strongly believe transparency is a critical feature for any subscription tipping website and here at I will endeavor to make all results from SBFP’s recommended bets public within 48 hours of the event finishing, via the results section below. Please feel free to check out SBFP’S current tipping history and current profit/loss.

In addition to the results table, at the end of each calendar year, I intend to publish full in-depth details of the year’s results, with a breakdown and per sport and how the site has fared in relation to its percentage targets. Should you have any queries about bets listed in the results section, please feel free to contact me, and I will happily answer any questions. has varying percentage profit targets for each individual tipping section, however, the overall figure the site is looking to operate at is between 7-10% each year. This is a target higher than many other tipping websites, however, I have achieved these figures consistently for 15 years and given the weakness of certain markets and compiling in some sports, they continue to be achievable.