Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a full subscription to the site?

Instead of charging large monthly subscription fees, the site offers a ‘credits’ based pay system. Simply register on the website and purchase an amount of site credits through paypal. Each website post with the attached tips will cost a set amount of credits. If you wish to view the post and receive the tip, you simply pay the allocated credit cost. This is a good way to customize your subscription and allows you to select on which sports or events you want to receive our expert advice.

Why do you advise bets in ‘points’ rather than monetary values?

SBFP is aware that each of our clients will have a different ‘betting banks’….the amount of money they have allocated to their betting. By using the points system it allows us to show the strength of each advised tip. It is at the discretion of our clients what monetary value they allocate to each ‘point’.

Do you publish all your results, the winners and the losers?

Yes we do. Transparency is very important to SBFP. All advised bets will be updated after their completion in our results section. Please feel free to check out our tipping history and current profit/loss percentage.

What type of returns do you expect to make?

These figures can fluctuate year to year, however, I aim to make at 7-10% return on investment each year for our core sports. I have achieved these figures consistently for 15 years and given the weakness of the markets and compiling in a certain sport, they continue to be achievable.

On one-off special events such as the Olympics, given the enormous number of events and the lack of time firms take to compile prices on these events, there is an opening for the possibility of making 15%+. Given the short duration of these games, the volatility of the return is obviously increased, however in terms of ‘value’ bets, events like the Olympics are the time I wait for with great anticipation. During the snooker and darts seasons, it is virtually impossible to find a 50/1 shot that should, in reality, be 5/1, however during the 2 weeks of the Olympics, this can be almost a daily occurrence.

Will I be able to get my bet on at your advised prices?

This is a particular bugbear of mine with other tipping sites who advise prices which are unattainable to the vast majority of their clients due to the firms they advise to bet with, or due to the price of the advised tip within the larger market.

Let me make clear, I will not be advising bets on a price that is a stand-alone best price in the market, and/or an arb. All bets will be advised where there are at least 2 ‘notable’ firms with that price and in most circumstances 3 or more firms. For example below, Jeff Smith would not be advised at 6/4. He would be advised, and listed in the results section, as a bet at 11/8.

Why does the site focus on snooker & darts instead of sports like football and horse racing?

The simple answer to this is that these were my core sports for the majority of my time working as an odds compiler. My knowledge of the two sports and understanding of the how the markets form and fluctuate gives me a big edge over the market.

Do you offer any tips for free?

All ‘points’ based tips will be for SBFP subscribers only, however from time to time I will preview certain sporting events for free, giving my insights an analysis. There will be plenty of free content on the site though, we written and youtube blogs as well as interviews with some of the professionals of the game.

Will you be advising any ‘ante-post’ bets?

Yes, I intend to advise several ante-post selections throughout the season. The ante-post markets can be forgotten about by many traders within the industry. As such there will be many times during the season where I will look to advise an ante-post selection.

How do I get the tips, are they emailed to me?

All bets advised will be posted on the SBFP website under the ‘tips’ heading. In the lead-up to a bet being released, all SBFP’s social media pages will be updated alerting members of the exact time of the release of the information and tip. Please follow our Twitter and Facebook pages for more details.

For any further questions please feel free to ask!

Chris Pearce