Lets Get Social – 10 Betting Twitter Accounts To Follow

The betting industry has changed in many ways over the past 20 years, with a move from the traditional shop betting into phone-betting around the turn of the century, and then more recently into online and mobile phone wagering. The internet has been the big game-changer for many industries and that is no different in the gambling sector. Punters now are able to strike a bet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The is no restriction in terms of a betting shop being closed after the last evening race at Wolverhampton or a bookmakers phone service closing at the last BEGS race of the night.

The other thing that the internet has brought to the betting industry, and for the punters who are within it, is an ability to access betting relevant facts and data like never before. As we reach the end of the second decade this century, the betting public now have just as much access to sports information and statistics as the compilers who are setting the prices. While this can inevitably lead to conversations of betting restrictions on people’s accounts, this blog post will instead turn it in a different direction and focus on listing social media accounts who offer valuable information or uses for the betting public. For me the most powerful social media tool for the industry is twitter and below are 10 accounts who are very much worth a follow.


  1. Christopher Kempf @ochepedia

Collates superb darts stats and give insights into the professional game. Along with the superb dartsconnect has added invaluable data to more easily asses some of the sports more subjective markets.


  1. Nikolay @Nick007J

Just like above, Nikolay collate a plethora of pro snooker statistic, and records all snooker match frame scores and breaks on his pastebin page.


  1. BettingGuy @JustABettingGuy

Doesn’t post very often, however I find him to be very shrewd with the bets he posts as well as using solid statistical data to back up his selections. His knowledge of motorsports betting is up there with the best. 


  1. Ken Childs @TheKenChilds

 Great knowledge of winter sports. Runs a superb website https://www.slidingonice.com/ 


  1. BetNimble @BetNimble

 It may seem strange for one sports advice site to recommend another, but BetNimble is a newly formed (mainly football) service run by some very respected industry guys. Most importantly, they are running the site in the right way, with no bullshit claims. Unlike may other sites I could name, these chaps seem to be working hard to offer a service with integrity. 


  1. Darts Planet @DartsPlanetTV

 A relatively new addition to darts news and media scene, but quickly becoming one of the best around. Small team offering great darts news and interviews as well as prize giveaway, all done in an enthusiastic way. The recently released month darts magazine is a publication that darts fans have been looking forward to for a long time.


  1. John Wright (JWBetting) @johnwright15

One of the betting industry good guys and highly respected. Has just launched his new website https://www.jwbetting.com/ which previews the big sporting events as well as offering links to bookmaker sign-up bonuses.


  1. Matthew Trenhaile @Inside_Betting

Respected industry guy who does a very good betting podcast touching on all subjects of the betting industry. Very much worth a listen.


  1. Jamie Haughey @JamieHaughey

Recently with the increased popularity of cycling, twitter has been over-run with previews for major cycling race. Jamie however is one of the very best and as well as strong betting knowledge, you can see his enthusiasm for the sport in the previews he writes. Recently snapped up by a pro cycling team to be their social media guy.


  1. Ewan MacKenna @EwanMacKenna

While not directly related to the betting industry, Ewan is a superb sports journalist who isn’t afraid write about controversial topics. I find myself nodding in agreement on most articles he writes.


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