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AFL BETTING TIPS | Australian Rules Football, or AFL as it is more commonly known is a sport which to the untrained eye may just look like a bunch of men scrambling over an oddly shaped ball. Behind the physical aspect of the game though, lays a sport which is skillful and complex.
The AFL season runs from the middle of March and covers 23 regular-season weeks and 4 weeks of playoff matches, resulting in the Grand Final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground at the end of September each year. Each regular-season week sees nine matches take place. From a betting standpoint, AFL can be a very punter-friendly sport where just like its rugby counterpart, team news and weather news can have a big impact on the betting markets. 

Whilst not with the same quantity of other named sports on this site such as snooker and darts, will still look to advise subscribers of good betting opportunities throughout the regular and post seasons. For the Grand Final each September, SBFP will provide an in-depth look at the match, previewing all prop markets such as handicap and total points markets, as well as player related markets. AFL continues to be a good sport to focus on due to the naïve way many bookmakers trade this sport. Most firms will have weekend prices up several days before the match takes place, however, they don’t tweak these prices once the team news and weather news is updated around 48

hours before the match takes place. In a high-scoring sport, there will be many opportunities throughout the season where SBFP will be there to recommend tips on a match where a line may be up to 15 points away from the correct line. If you haven’t already, sign up today and lets beat the bookies.

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