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Specials betting, or Novelty betting as it is usually called has grown markedly over the years. Starting off in 1976 during the long summer drought in the UK, William Hills’ PR supremo Graham Sharpe offered a market to customers on which day it would next rain. A similar market two years later gained national acknowledgment in the tabloid papers and from that point, weird and wacky specials markets have progressed. Over the years we have seen markets based on TV shows, such as ‘Who Shot JR? from the TV soap, Dallas, to betting on Christmas Number One, and more recently on reality TV shows such as Big Brother and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Whereas as in the past these were seen a fun add-on to the standard product provided my bookmakers, these days turnover for these specials markets dwarfs many of their sports counterparts. Indeed just like the Eurovision Song Contest does, Singing shows such as X-Factor and The Voice generate vast turnover over their series run
Much like many other minority sports, to be a successful bettor on specials markets requires above all else, time and research. Here are SBFP, I will take an in-depth look at many of these specials markets, highlighting any potential bets for subscribers.

Key focus will be given to two main markets during December, namely Christmas Number One and Sports Personality Of The Year.
Specials markets are noticeably volatile and as such prove great markets to focus up, so if you haven’t already, sign up today and lets beat the bookies.
Please feel free to check our results page for a full review of bets advised to date.